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Many people suffer from nail fungus infection. Is there a hope to overcome this unsightly and potentially painful problem?

What if you have nail fungus infection?

An infection of nail fungus occurs when microscopic fungi infect the surface under one or more of your toenails and fingernails. Often, people can have nail fungus without even realizing it. More than 35 million Americans suffer from nail fungus.

You may have a nail fungal infection if one or more of your nails are:

  • Thickened
  • Dull, no luster and shine
  • Brittle, ragged or crumbly
  • Distorted in shape
  • Dark colored

Nail fungus is more common among older adults, it also tends to affect men more than women and those with a family history of this infection.

Normally, your fingernails and toenails act as good barriers to the fungus. They help prevent the fungus from invading the nail. However, the nail doesn't do its job sometimes.

A nail fungal infection may begin as a white or yellow spot under the tip of your fingernail or toenail. As the nail fungus spreads deeper into your nail, it may cause your nail to discolor, thicken and develop crumbling edges - an unsightly and potentially painful problem.

An infection with nail fungus may be difficult to treat, and infections may recur.

Don't let the nail fungus make you feel embarrassed

You can walk in open-toed shoes. You can swim and sunbathe bare feet. Do the way you like it!

Effective medications are available to help clear up nail fungus. Have a look at the nail fungus treatment reviews that we have put together.

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